Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Trip

There is nothing happier than a trip with your dearest friends. Last few days, I just had a weekend getaway with my friends, Tiara, Chloe and Sam. We went to Macau, which is the city next to Hong Kong, for two days. Well, its still too short cause we didn't get enough. You know I have been busy since I work for a production house, guess how bad do I need this holiday? Thanks for inviting me, Sam and T, I finally have my holiday. Its been eating and walking and swimming.

The other happy moment is the commercial I had been following is finally on air, which is a theme park commercial. I had so many pleasure to work with this little girl, Callista.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Last Warm Day

Today was Saturday, also the last warm day of this winter. It's rare to have warm days in winter, that's why I have decided to fully use it and it is never too delightful to go for picnic. Turns out, it was cold on the mountain. Who can I blame? I had it coming. Though, I had a amazing lunch, hot dog and fries and coke, yeah I know, fat food. Fat keeps our body warm. It's a unspoken truth, just like they said about the universe.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I did for love?

What I did for (the things I) love? I bought them all. I mean, not all of them, those with reasonable price, the most reasonable mostly. But this isn't the most important point I am trying to make, the point is I don't think I went too far if I went a little crazy during CHRISTMAS. Don't you think? After all, it's holiday season, holiday means shopping, so as Sunday, and Saturday, and other days in a week, right? Totally right. I am going to tell you what I used money for.

My rose necklace, my lovely rose necklace. It's tiny, it's cute. It's something you will never take off from your neck.

A vintage radio. I can't tell you how excited I was when I found this little machine. 

This is crazy. I have been searching for the right cup for myself this year. I was wanting a mug, but turns out I got a teacup.

I am not much a earrings person. But these little ones got me.

It's honey, honey. I bought it in Japan and it's super tasty. I can mix it into tea, put it on bread or just eat it directly.

Tape. Just perfect. I am telling you it's perfect.

It's never enough when it comes to bookmark. Cause you will keep losing them and it's kinda sad.

My Kiki pin, just like Katniss has her mockingjay pin, I have my Kiki pin, the only different between me and Katniss is I have short hair and she've long. Yeah, that's the only different.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

At last

All sweeties, this is the last part of my trip to Tokyo. Have you seen Life of Pi? The movie about a teen boy and his soul and other animals? And remember his uncle who collects swimming pool? Well, I collect aquarium. And I got to go Ghibli Museum. I was sooooooo excited about it because I have been a fan of Ghibli Studio since I was 11 years old. And ofcoz you know my favorite film is Howl's Moving Castle. Gosh, I just couldn't help it.