Saturday, May 24, 2014

Instagram made my day!

Instagram really is the best way to update your friends what you are doing. Shooting shooting shooting, I have been shooting lately, exhausted but had lots of fun. Will update photos when the client release the commercial. Thankyou so much all!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Where dream comes true

Guess where I have been last weekend? That's right. It's Disneyland. True that Hong Kong Disneyland is not the world's biggest or funniest theme park to go, but it has its magic. That was the third time I went and it still surprise me. Probably because the park is expending slowly and seems like never going to finish it. Is it possible to take pictures with all these cartoon characters? The line of people is as long as the song of ice and fire (It's Game of Thrones season, okay?) I took photos with Belle ,and Donald Duck, and the mouse couple the first time I went, Buzz and someone else the second, this time I met Woody and Mickey and Minnie again.

Meanwhile, I was worry about I might pick the wrong outfit for this fun outdoor day. But turns out, I picked the perfect sundress and shirt and shoes for it. And I had that cute hat for a long time but never put it out. Gosh, I wish I have more days like that would allow me to put that little hat on.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Trip

There is nothing happier than a trip with your dearest friends. Last few days, I just had a weekend getaway with my friends, Tiara, Chloe and Sam. We went to Macau, which is the city next to Hong Kong, for two days. Well, its still too short cause we didn't get enough. You know I have been busy since I work for a production house, guess how bad do I need this holiday? Thanks for inviting me, Sam and T, I finally have my holiday. Its been eating and walking and swimming.

The other happy moment is the commercial I had been following is finally on air, which is a theme park commercial. I had so many pleasure to work with this little girl, Callista.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Last Warm Day

Today was Saturday, also the last warm day of this winter. It's rare to have warm days in winter, that's why I have decided to fully use it and it is never too delightful to go for picnic. Turns out, it was cold on the mountain. Who can I blame? I had it coming. Though, I had a amazing lunch, hot dog and fries and coke, yeah I know, fat food. Fat keeps our body warm. It's a unspoken truth, just like they said about the universe.