Saturday, December 31, 2011

Doctor Who

You know how I spent my days without new episodes, like Christmas and summer break,

I watched a new show, a whole series. 
Gossip Girl, LOST, Pushing Daisies, Glee, Greek, Leverage, Chuck, Modern Family.... in past few years 
Lately, I found a show to replace Pushing Daisies.
By Pushing Daisies, I mean visually beautiful colourful.
What's my lately obsession? BBC's Doctor Who. I shout.
If you are not here for my crazy obsession, you can skip this post, wouldn't mind, I just want a place to praise my love.

I only watched the eleven doctor, se all new cast.
Matt Smith and Karen Gillian.

Matt Smith is not handsome. But he wore a bow, old-fashioned jacket, and he is talented.
His acting is so great, makes the charater so charming.
I fell in love with the doctor.
And his comcompanion, Amelia "Amy" Pond, cute young actress.
They are so couple!
But she got a boyfriend, named Rory.
For the very first time, I am NOT into the destiny couple.

On the show, they said they were best friend.
Who are you two deceiving?
To me, Doctor is Amy's lover she cannot kiss, Rory is the best friend she can marry.

“I’ve seen it before. Very old, and very kind, and the very, very last. Sound a bit familiar?”

Amy smiled at him and hugged the Doctor.

"Gotcha." She said.
      "Gotcha." He repeated.

come on, you love him, even when you told Rory " I love you".

Sorry Rory, I like you, but I love the doctor.

"Rule one?"
"The Doctor lies…"
"So do I. All the time. Have to!"

I like Melody Pony, aka River Song too.
The doctor and she look good.

“Wake up, wake up! You stupid bloody idiot!.” 

saving us.

Doctor, you are loved by so many people and star.
and you have family.

they are your family.

I like that Rory.

Vincent Van Gogh's sunflower

Amelia Pond, the girl who waited


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