Sunday, December 11, 2011

Its Party Season!

So...IFB is asking we bloggers to do a party post since its party season.

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 IFB Project #25: Blogger Holiday Party

I was so excited about party until I realized I've got TONS of homework and exam and work.

And I haven't prepare a party dress.

Actually I don't know if I can afford a party dress. God bless me.

And then, here comes Christmas!

Now, I am asking Santa Claus to give me a party dress. Okay.

Dear Santa,

Its me, Sophie.

I think I have been doing great this year.

I've got myself an internship. I finish every meal, not left a pea. I drink sometimes but I never drunk, I swear. I love my family and friends and friends who don't even care about me. I had my articles got publish. I finally start a fight which is a good start because I'd never get nerve to fight for myself.

So, my dear santa, am I being good? Do you think I deserve a dress? Please!

Do not say no before you take a look of my beautiful beautiful list.

cute and elegant

elegant and nice cutting


cute and pure

elegant and sexy

cute and elegant and nice cutting



Thankyou for your support.