Monday, February 20, 2012

Style in Downton Abbey

Have you seen Master Piece's Downton Abbey?

I am totally in love with this pre war fashion. You see, there are fashion trends of a few eras I can't neverresist, which are the civil war of America, early 19th century and 20th century of England, 1950-60s of America. Oh god, I wish we could still dress like that. Of cause I am sure every decade has their fashion moments, include Midnight in Paris, describes that 1920s in france. I think those costumes are beautiful too.

But if you watched Downton Abbey, you would know why I am so obsessed the early 20th. It's okay you haven't watched, cause I am showing some of the costumes I like in DA.

This set appear in first few episodes. It's one of Lady Mary's daytime dress.

Another daytime set, in ep3.

This one is my favorite outfit of Lady Mary.
Of cause it's blue, what else colour do you think?

The jacket, the white shirt and the long tied skirt are so much.

Not to mention the hat, it's so beautiful.

Lady Sybil doesn't own fancy clothes as many as her sister Mary.

But she has some cute hats.

For god sake, she is the brave one.

I like the coat Lady Edith was wearing, it's very modern.

She is a fan of headband of three sisters.

All dress up.

I like that shirt dress, very suitable for Mary. She wore many times in season 1.

Mary is the only woman rides.
Her riding habit is so cool.

The print of the fabric is very elegant.

This grey coat looks very nice too.

Dining dress

And more dining dress.

They rarely wore white gown.

This is so pretty.

I heard that this dress is a vintage.

okay, it is not about the dress, its about Mary and Mathew were dancng!!!

Well, here is Lady Cora, the mother.

The hat show begins.

This hat was so lovely, so picnic mood.

Daisy's wedding dress, only decent dress she got.

Some daytime dress in season 2.


I like the collar, it makes her so young.

My favorite in s2.



The singing scene

Mathew went missing in the war, everyone was so worried about him.
Then he suddenly showed up at music concert for the injured military officers, safe and sound.
Mary is writing I LOVE YOU in her face, capital letters, how could he not realize?

Crazy Castle Moment

"Lady Mary Crawley, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"


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