Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inspired by Disney

You see, I met some Disney Princess in a shopping mall days ago. And I admit that I am a totally Disney and Pixar fan. I love Enchanted, Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure and The Muppets. But What is my fovarite? I gotta say it's those princess movie. I love what they done with the storyline (so easy to guess) and mostly, the music number. Some people may not know that I am a big musical fan. I love the characters sing and dance when they are talking. To me, it's more easily to feel, to get into the characters through the music.
So, I do some fashion evolution for the princesses. What would they wear if they live in our world? Please have a look.

This is my version of Alice in Wonderland.

 Belle is one of my beloved princess and I love this oufits so much.

Ariel is so brave and always dare to have a adventure in human world.

I guess Snow White is a busy working girl in modern days.

Rapunzel is wearing jeans, because she is very active and love to run and run.

In real world, Cinderella is wearing a stunning prom dress and someone have to bring their own clock.

Jasmine keeps a tiger as a pet. We can't do that in nowadays, but she can have a tiger necklace.

Aurora is like a royle princess. I give her a bed and a eyeshade.
But make sure you are dress-up, because princess is a princess

If you are interested in buying these clothes, you checl the whole collection on my Polyvore 
Thankyou for reading.


  1. wow, love it. Super cute and really stylish...


  2. Sweet wish lists - lovely idea! You can really see the characters in your choices. X

    1. Yeah, because I really like those characters.

  3. Omg youre right i loveeeed this post Aurora is soo like mee and shes the sleeping beauty!! great idea!!

    1. Dea, thankyou for visiting. I love the set of Aurora too!


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