Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coffee or tea?

Today was hot. I woke up and started thinking what to wear on a casual day. There is nothing more casual than a jeans, right? So I put on my Uniqlo black jeans, and a H&M stripe top. Yes, you hear (read) right, H&M again, you can tell my half closet came from H&M, cheap, easy and trendy. The shoes I bought it years ago in a little boutique which I forgot the name. The bag and sunglasses are from cotton on.

Isn't it too contrasting seeing Lily Collins' photo after mine?

She just took my breath away.


  1. Lovely stripes! They go with just about anything & make every outfit special! xo, Megs

    1. Yea, and they turn things into a really good shape, great cutting.

  2. I want your face, show more babe.


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