Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why so long?

Sorry I didn't update Navy Sophie, like a month, cause I am prepering my graduation stuffs. Now I know why people always drives crazy by graduation. Graduating is exhausting and a little relaxing, nothing exciting, the only thing I feel excited for, it's I can't wait to shout "I did it" right after the ceremony, and I sure will. Let's pray that will not go wrong.

Things are falling into place (I hope). So I squeezed some times between chasing my thesis tutor and being nervous about the graduation photo day, which it's on the coming Saturday, and I went to a art school's exhibition with my cousin and his girlfriend. The exhibition is okay, not as much as I expected, but I guess that's fine, it's not like I am a artist or I need to understand art that much, right?


  1. love the photos. that was a very long post :p


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