Monday, July 23, 2012

your eyes will burn

Since my life is basically empty, so I am just gonna post few old photos. These photos were taken in my dorm two years ago. We were just messing around, people did crazy stupid things in college, right? My friend have done some edit to these photos. They were taken by Fuse, I am sure you guys remember her impressive talent. There were no theme, meaningless, just showing how stupid we were, well or are.

I am trying to warn you, your eyes will burn when you roll down this page. But, dont be mean okay?

This wasnt the best shot to me, but its pretty nice to Summer.


  1. Gosh! My eyes just brunt!

    We should do this again. I'm bored of my boring pictures.

    1. God bless your beautiful eyes.
      I want to and I have been missing you so much.

  2. These are really beautiful, amazing photos.

  3. hi! i nominated you for the Leibster Award :) visit this blog for more info:


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