Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hey there! Enjoy the sunshine? I surely do. You see, I took a trip to Hong Kong Park, the park locates on Hong Kong Island. F and I stopped by a church first, St. John's Chathedral. The church was peaceful until we got in. We didn't want to ruin everything but things just happened, it caused some finger-pointings I believe. We didn't try to be annoying visitors but somehow we achieved that level. 

After the mayhem(thats a pretty strong word, overstated), we finally got there. Those beautiful colourful plants photos were taken in the glasshouse. I took a picture at the same spot when I was a child. Sorry I didn't pose the exactly same way, that would be more merrier if I did. And look what we found! We met a new squirrel friend, never catch his/her name. Isn't he/she cute? I am so lucky!


  1. What pretty flowers! Thank you so much for visiting my blog:)


  2. beautiful photos! thanks for the comment on my blog (: and i wasn't wearing shoes at the moment so i couldn't take pictures of them! haha

    Esther xx

  3. Lovely photos! The glass house looks amazing and it's so nice that you have a photo at that same spot from when you were young!

  4. Cute shirt! x


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