Thursday, September 20, 2012

By the sea

We all know that nice weather doesn't last long, why don't just take a little advantage of if while we still can?   F and I went to a little pier, and we brought some junk food to there. We were so excited for this. Do you get us? JUNK FOOD! It was so nice, almost too nice. What do you do over this autumn climate? My advice is : do not waste it.


  1. What a great location for pictures! The water is beautiful.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Nice pictures! And your style is so unique, keep it up!
    I'm your new follower, I hope you can visit my blog and tell me your thoughts on it :)


  3. Hello:) I really think your style is awesome. I already followed you here in GFC.
    And I would like to ask a favor, to check out my blog too, and I hope you follow back.

  4. Lovely pics & very cute blog!

    I`m a new follower now.
    And I will be SOO happy, if you follow my blog:-)


  5. Denim will always be in fashion. Love everything you have.

  6. couldn't agreed more! fall is my favorite time of year

    xo Jackie

  7. Hi sophie! I love the post, your outfit and junk food too! But more than anything I love your little jpg! Its really cute!


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