Monday, March 11, 2013


So, today's outfit is my great mother's favorite of mine. I took the photos in rush because I was being late for  a lunch meeting. Sorry for my messy hair, I didn't even have time to brush my them. But you know what?  It's so nice to not wear any thick clothes on. I hope spring is really coming. I like summer but after all I am a spring child. To me, getting warm would be a little present from god. OH! And good new (at least for me it is good), I got a new handbag. After searching and searching, I finally found my perfect bag and a (almost) perfect price. 


  1. The bag is beyond cute

  2. Great outfit, and you definitely found an amazing bag. I love the deep red, so vibrant. :) Thanks for doing button swap with me!

    1. Thankyou so much, honey, for inviting me to do the button swap. That is so sweet of you and for us to bond.

  3. my heart stopped when i saw that gorgeous bag!!

  4. The bag seems very soft and looks very nice. It just fits all my daily things to work. I like leather hobo bags from, very fashionable and comfortable to carry around.


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