Sunday, April 21, 2013

Something New

How have you been? I am sadly to tell you that I got food poison. And with my busy working schedule, I've been hell. Lets hope life will get better. Fingers cross. 

But let me tell you something's exciting! I bought some new skincare products. In the past two years, I was using a Japanese brand product, but now with my new job, I just wanna try something new. And my friend M just talked me into trying a Korean brand, which named Holika Holika. I bought that emulsion from the collection called Aqua Fantasy, a toner and skincare powder from the collection called Bee Care. I love the texture of them and they can really moisturize my skin. So, YAY!

Remember I love Downton Abbey's 1920s fashion? You see Lady Mary has a necklace with a little golden heart locket. Well I am not sure is it a locket, but I was dying to have one. Now I HAVE IT! I am so happy to share with everybody. One the other day, its a shooting day. I met the amazing little girl named Natalie and she was so interested of my newly beloved necklace. She kindly asked to try on. How can I resist this adorable girl in the Rapunzel shirt? I helped her to put it on and a little white lie to make her happy, a little story. I said that the necklace was a gift from a princess, it was a lucky charm and she gave it to me to protect me. Nat totally bought my story and ran to show it to her mother. I had such a great day with that little sweetheart.


Thankyou for your support.