Monday, December 23, 2013


This is crazy. I never thought there would be Japan round 2, but there is. So i went to Japan again, this time its Tokyo, I went to visit my bff Summer. She has been living in Tokyo for 2 years already. She is ama~zing!

I had some crazy experience during the trip. First of all, I think I lied to the government. That guy asked me what my purpose is about this trip when I was getting my entry premmit, I said I was visiting. Then he asked me who I am visiting. I still don't know why I said I was visiting my cousin. My cousin. I mean, WHY? And because it was a very late flight, I arrived Tokyo at 1230am and there was almost no transportation, which means I had to spend my first night in the airport. I thought that would be SOME experiences before the flight. But no, it was just boring. I couldn't sleep at all because of the light in the airport, I know it ain't designed for sleeping. 

Anyways, I was so too happy that I got to see my best buddy. We didn't see each other in awhile and I miss her so much, still missing. And she was nice that let me stayed in her home and took me for a tour. I know my life would be so much boring without her.

Let's see some picture and I will tell you what I have been thought during in Japan.

Oh right, and I have curly hair now.

That is the end of the second day. Now is the third day's photos. 
I went to a event called "Earth Day Market" and its a market.

What was I doing on the ground?

Then I went to the Meiji Shrine and it was beautiful and worth-seeing. And I was so lucky that I saw people getting married in the Shrine. The bride was very very stunning. Can't be more happy for them.

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