Saturday, December 3, 2011


being a "new" fashion blogger, i actually thought maybe its time to take it seriously.

first of all, i get myself something.

it calls 《From A to Z, Fashion Guide》
it tells me about many fashion brand story, 
stories about those famous founder, details of each brand's signature design.

its fantastic.

but i havent finished yet.

look, i found something more fashionable!

then i started to do my job.
drink milk and get this right.

i take picture of my new fashion item(s).

i got a Coach!!!

 that is really cool.

seriously, the real princess?

the little mermaid is so cute so real!!!

my friend found me something.
its a christmas that card i made for my friends.

i used to made my own christmas card. its the way how i celebrate Jesus' birth.

 it was 2009, long time a ago.



  1. welcome to the blogging world!

    steph /

  2. The disney girls are so cute!!

  3. re:June
    yea! They are so real, just like walk out of the movie.


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