Thursday, February 9, 2012

money is priority

Recently, I got a part time job, work at Tommy Hilfiger.
 Gotta work hard, cause I am saving for a new camera and my graduation trip (if thats possible)
So, i may not able to update NavySophie frequently. Sorry for that.

I am so into her, Lily Collins.

She is my idol now.

Wow, who is using the word 'idol' these day?

i found my wedding gown.

Have you watched Gossip Girl?

Taylor Swift's London outfit

I want a nice sweater like this one.


  1. 你畢業完時,你想去什麼地方去旅行阿?

  2. re:Jo Bao
    我最想去歐洲, 可是太貴了!


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