Sunday, April 8, 2012

Magic Chain

My key chain used to be a blue dolphin which I bought it in an aquarium in Shanghai. It meant to be a gift to my younger brother, but he already got a key chain. I took it. The problem is, the chain is not really my style and I got no other chain to replace.

Now, things change, thanks to my beloved friend Chloe. She is my former roommate and classmate. She lives in Macau which means that we seldomly see each other. But we've been really good friends. Yesterday, Chloe and her mother came to Hong Kong and invited me to a dinner. She brought a book for Project R and a key chain as a gift. The chain is very elegant. There are a old key looks like its from fairy tale, and a BIG S, obviously it's my name Sophie, and a number 5, she said it's my secret birth number which I don't understand why she knows my secret number but I don't.

Dying to live in a house with a big porch like this.


  1. Love all the photos!

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  2. The keychain is really beautiful! I just read Project R! Great job Sophie! Have you read/watched the girl with the dragon tattoo? I watched the first film and am now reading the second book. Its very good!

    1. Thankyou so much June!! I have been busy with my thesis so I have not watched the girl with the dragon tattoo. People said it is a amazing movie and I can see you totally agree.


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