Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photo Shoot

No no no no no, not me, sorry. It's my friend, Sakura, who is a student of fashion design. She made a couples of clothes as her homework from school, and she have to make things like professional, like her dresses are going to be on magazine. Then she got herself a model, a photographer, which are both professional and do things like that for living. She asked me to help her in the studio.

So, I went to the studio. The model is blondie but Sakura thought the color isn't the right color to match her clothes. We have to go out and buy temporary colored hairspray .It was fun, expect we spent lots of time on waiting, but its worth. You see, we spent almost 6 hours on studio, but after all I realize I did not catch the model's name, how awful is that?

What do you think?

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I wonder if anyone realize I changed my soical media buttons. I love the new buttons, they are cute!

FOX is filming The Carrie Diary. I am dying to watch a fashion tv series.


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