Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lilac life

So, its tights time, though I wear it almost every season. I love tights a lot and sure you must have noticed. I usually wear black tights, but not this year cause I fall in love with every colour. I bought two tights from H&M in summer. What? Its cheap when you bought in summer. Its wine red and viridian green, and I have no idea what viridian green is. Its the one you read in the previous posts. Earlier this month, I bought three more new tights, one white with polka-dot and two arabesque. The one I am wearing is a very light light purple, like lilac. Do you like it? I like it a lot.

And I finally have a new iPhone case! I can't believe it is prettier than the old case. Just roll down and you will agree with me.

F and I went to Kowloon City Bookfair, but practically was a flea market. It was my second time been there. I didn't buy much, just a Audrey Hepburn poster and a few secondhand story books for my student. I have been searching for a beautiful big basket with a lid for so long. Suddenly, I saw my perfect basket in a stall, but not for sale sadly. But I didn't let off. F and I asked the owner of the stall where to buy a basket like this one. She said she did not know, it had been belonged to her father since 過大禮. 過大禮 is one of the tradition of Chinese wedding, its a bunch of specific gifts from the groom to the future in-laws. That basket is at least 20 years old. There is no way I can get one.



  1. Love the outfit Sophie! The iphone case is really cute too!


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