Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turn around

Have you ever felt like you hate to be yourself, want to become someone else? Of course you can have a nose job or some other plastic surgeries, I've always wanted to be Anne Hathaway, who doesn't want to be Anne Hathaway? The question is, no matter how pretty and cute you become, in the bottom of your heart, you are still who you are, that is what make you so wonderful. I am still learning to accept myself. There is nothing wrong to be true to yourself, right? And I can never be Anne Hathaway...

I love blue(of course you knew), and I am not ashamed of saying it till you get bored. Surely I got my friend's attention of this as she just gave me a new blue dress. Now, I am trying on it to show you. Isn't it beautiful? Don't you just love blue? (Okay, I will shut up.)

Yay! I have a new night light to hang over my bed. I bought it from cotton on. I am pretty enjoying it.


  1. I totally love your blog! Your photos and your layout too!! ❤


  2. Sometimes, I don`t feel beautiful. It`s maybe because others are so pretty, sexy, and flawless. Especially here in Japan everyone are so pretty and white, but I just feel sad by thinking of it. Yeah, accepting is a one thing and it takes time.

  3. Polka Dots are always my favor.

  4. Lovely dress Sophie!!! The gif is tooo cute

  5. Awesome dress, dear! Your style is really adorable!!!



  6. I love your blue dress the color looks great on you so I can see why it's your favorite! Such an inspiring post and that spinning gif of you is just the CUTEST! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

    1. Thanks Hannah! I really like making gif.

  7. Cute belt.


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