Saturday, December 29, 2012

Do The Math

This is the first time I do something like this, summarize the year on the blog! YAY! Time has flown since I started blogging and it's such a great, fun experience to share what I adore, thankyou for reading, thankyou so much. I guess now it's time to conclude what I achieved or just did in 2012 and make some resolutions for the coming year. Lets hope 2013 will be our year.

Achievements :


1. Finished 53 posts, big step.
2. Had a really really brave hair cut.
3. Graduated from college
4. Had written at least 50 thousand words, including blog posts, novel, thesis, essay and reports.
5. Had more picnic than I expected.
6. Be an aunt!
7. Taught a kid English, though I think he forgets what I taught him.
8. Learnt more about literature, music, design, history and movie.
9. Bought a camera.
10. Cooked more than before.
11. Founded a club.
12. Shared what I obsess on tumblr and Pinterest.
13. Tweeted more than I thought. 
14. Started a project (might never going to finish).


1. Date a British guy. Okay, this one is taken, and I love Victoria.
2. Learn a new language, probably French.
3. Travel more.
4. Be true.
5. Start my own happiness project and try to make people happy.
6. Read more, write more, think more, love more.
7. Be nice to everyone. IMPORTANT.
8. Give more.
9. Let things go.
10. Try harder in work.
11. Expanse my knowledge
12. Sing more, play (music) more.
13. Be brave and confidence, and step out of the comfort zone.
14. Finish the Project R and start a new project.
15. Learn how to ice skate!
16. Try my best to keep every promise.
17. Generally have more fun and love.


Thankyou for your support.