Sunday, January 6, 2013


How is your 2013 going? I have been pretty good. I started a new job on new year. Now I work for a commercial production house as a casting coordinator. My duty is to scout potential people, if everything goes well, those people can appear on commercials that we produce. It's pretty funny that we actually scout on street. The job is a bit challenging and the working hour is quite long, but it's still interesting. I hope I can fulfill my resolution, work hard and make myself a better life.

If you follow my twitter, you probably notice that I have been tweeting about how much I hate winter. How many time do I tweet about cursing the season?I am sorry if you are sick of my tweets, BUT I AM SICK OF THIS FUCKING SEASON. I am a chilly person. I couldn't stand for this freezing temperature. I swear to myself, someday I am gonna fly to the Southern Hemisphere and have a warm Christmas and New Year. Okay, I better stop losing my temper now. Let's see what I wore today. Xoxo



  1. Winter sucks. I'm live where it's cold enough to be unpleasant, but not cold enough to snow. Icky grey rain is all we get! I love your little skirt!


    1. Yes Rachel, you understand my situation! Winter sucks!


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