Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sing Along

After a chilling start of December, today is like summer is coming back, what's wrong? And did I tell you that it have rained for half month? While the climate is being crazy, I could still take some advantages of it. How dare I? I am so glad that after wearing a whole month of knitwear and scarf, I could finally dig up my closet and put on some light and soft fabric to cover my long-suffering-from-itching body. Also, I could really use this weather to wear my (sort of) new clothes that I bought from the final summer sale.

My friend and I had a wonderful day today. We went to the Grass Fest. There were so many people and good music. We just lied down on the grass and enjoyed the wind, the food and the bands. People were nice around us and children running all over the place. I wish there would be more day like today, relaxing and beautiful. And I hope you enjoyed the day like I did. XOXO.


  1. You look great, love the color! and the rest of your pics are awesome! I'd love to have a summer feeling right now. Great post!


    1. Thanks Karen! I could really use sunshine now!

  2. you look awesome! I love this dress layering and gorgeous event

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